Semmes Weinstein Semmes Weinstein Default Manufacturer Unique pen-style handle for quick application. When applied against the skin to its bending point, each sensory evaluator will deliver a targeted force within a 5% standard deviation. ST_Semmes SW-2000 32.50 US Neurologicals, LLC

Semmes Weinstein

Semmes Weinstein

Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments set have been shown, through repeated testing and use to be an extremely accurate method of measuring cutaneous sensitivity, whether evaluating nerve return followin a surgical procedure, such as hand surgery or evaluating nerve loss due to a disease such as diabetes. Each filament is precisely calibrated to ensure accuracy of the evaluation. Each filament is color coded to allow ease in evaluating the level of sensitivity. choose from individual filaments, specialized or comprehensive sets.

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Available as a complete set of 20, individually or special kits:

  • Hand (D .07g, F .4g, J 2g, K 4g, T 300g) 
  • Foot (D .07g, F .4g, J 2g, K 4g, N 10g, T 300g) 

Replacement scoring sheets also available.

(A) 1.65 - 0.008g
(B) 2.36 - 0.02g
(C) 2.44 - 0.04g
(D) 2.83 - 0.07g
(E) 3.22 - 0.16g
(F) 3.61 - 0.4g
(G) 3.84 - 0.6g
(H) 4.08 - 1g
(I) 4.17 - 1.4g
(J) 4.31 - 2g
(K) 4.56 - 4g
(L) 4.74 - 6g
(M) 4.93 - 8g
(N) 5.07 - 10g
(O) 5.18 - 15g
(P) 5.46 - 26g
(Q) 5.88 - 60g
(R) 6.10 - 100g
(S) 6.45 - 180g
(T) 6.65 - 300g
Foot set with forms ($200.00)
Hand set with forms ($180.00)
Complete set of 20 with forms ($400.00)
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