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This Posture Alignment Measuring Device is composed of the T-POL, with a Bi-Level Inclinometer attached with a swivel inclinometer holder for monitoring the vertical position of the Pole in two planes. Attached to the Pole is a Horizontal Crossbar with a central scale, which can slide up and down the full heights of the Pole. A midline Telescopic Extender is attached to the opposite side of the Pole and can be moved up and down. Attached to the Horizontal Bar are two sliders which can slide horizontally indicating accurate distances to the left and the right from the midline. The two sliders have vertical tracks which hold vertical arms with scales and extender holders into which Telescopic Extenders can be easily inserted. By moving the arms up and down in the tracks, vertical distances from the Horizontal Bar can be accurately measured and the abnormality of posture and alignment determined. Provided with carrying case.

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This unit has all the components and features of the I-PAD with addition of a midline Line Laser with midline attachment to the Pole, two Dot Lasers with attachments to the vertical Arms and Protective Eye Shield. For measurement of rotation of the spine an optional spinal set is needed (sold separately). The Laser Units are used instead of the Telescopic Extenders and attach quickly to the Pole and the Vertical Arms adding accuracy and speed to the measuring process. The I-PAD is provided with a carrying case, and sensitive instruments are contained in a hard case. Each fit together inside the carrying case.

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Small Kit

2 Bi-Level Inclinometers 1 telescopic extender 300mm bar and swivel Hand Stabilization Device (HSD) Instructions and pocket documentation reference cards Soft case This practical and economic kit includes two Bi-Level Inclinometers, two Telescopic Extenders, one flat Horizontal Bar with Swivel Attachment to an Inclinometer, one Hand Stabilization device (HSD), and one soft carrying case. This kit allows accurate measurements of all joints of the body including the spine, large joints of the extremities and small joints of the thumb, fingers and toes according to the Guides of the American Medical Association.

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TRIPOD AND POLE Consists of a 2 meter (6 ft) sturdy pole in three parts, linked together; a folding adjustable tripod, with water level; an inclinometer holder; two L-brackets, one for measuring heights and the other for attachment of a caliper, or line laser for measuring rotation of the cervical or thoraco-lumbar spine in upright (sitting) position; an inclinometer attachment. This pole can be extended further, if needed, by adding additional bars and links (not included). Includes carrying case.

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UniCal PS

UNI-CAL PS: UNIVERSAL CALIPER WITH PROTRACTOR & SCOLIOSIS ATTACHMENT The new UniCal PS System is composed of two 350 mm T-track bars, which can be linked together to a 700 mm long bar. It can be used for a variety of horizontal and vertical measurements of distances, inside and outside diameters, angles, rotations, torsions and surface assessment of scoliosis. A midline leg with slider is included with a protractor & telescopic extender. Measurements of hip abduction and adduction in supine or standing position, and hip extension & flexion in standing position, can be entertained. Technical details, examples and case supplied with the UniCal PS System.

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X-Ray Kit

1 Bi-Level Inclinometer X-Ray Scale with Roller Soft case The X-Ray scale consists of a transparent plate with various imprinted templates to allow quick and accurate measurements on the X-Ray, such as distances, angles, scoliosis, translatory and angular loss of motion segment integrity of the spine and other traumatic and congenital deformities. The plate has a built-in attachment to the Bi-Level Inclinometer. The

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